Hi grandma,

Since you’re the only person I know who actually reads my posts, there’s probably no reason to have an “About” page.

Anyways, for anyone reading this who doesn’t know these things… here it is:

I’m a recent UC Davis 2017 graduate, and received my BA degree in English and Professional Writing (joke’s on them).

I’m originally from the L.A. area, but moved up north to Davis 4 years ago to go to school. However, I’m back living and working in L.A. now.

I made this website because I have quite a bit of down time at work, so I figured it’d be more productive to create and record stories for you to read rather than spending all this time self-reflecting… because nothing positive comes from my version of self-reflection. But then again, nothing positive is going to come from these short stories either. It’s a no-win situation for everyone.

I’m going to be publishing a series of fiction and nonfiction stories on this site. The original idea for this blog was just to write fictional stories, but I decided to include some nonfictional narratives about my life since things often happen to me that sound imaginary. Essentially, both my fictional and nonfictional tales are just an excuse to roast people.

Read my stories if you have time to waste just like I do.


Yours truly,

Savannah Holmes